The MFA Guidebook for Studio Artists, hosted by, is a collection of articles I've written to guide potential and current MFA studio art students. It primarily focuses on tips for prospective students, but also addresses the needs of those currently working toward their degrees. By sharing my own experience, articles I find, and interviews I conduct, I work to offer guidance to studio artists who may be nervous to start the journey alone so that they can have the same phenomenal opportunity and experience that I had in my MFA program.

So You're Thinking About an MFA... | Where to begin? The first step of this process is quite basic: Why an MFA? You'll want to make sure that graduate school is the right step for you and that you're "all in" before you take on this huge commitment of time and money... continue reading

Starting Your Search | Once you've set your mind to attending an MFA program it's time to start investigating what's out there. It's important to look beyond the first schools that come to mind- your undergraduate institution, your friend's MFA program or the big name schools in your field... continue reading

The Time Between: Waiting a Year... or So | As undergraduate students approach graduation, the old "What's next?" pressure starts coming in from all sides – parents, professors, fellow students and your own frantic brain. The thought of leaving the safe, warm university environment and entering the cold unknown of the world outside can be daunting, even more so than accumulating thousands of dollars more in student loans (you'll deal with them later)... continue reading

The Application Process, Part I: The Nitty Gritty | There's much more to the MFA application process than submitting your portfolio. There are a number of important steps to complete before your work reaches the eyes of the faculty... continue reading

The Application Process, Part II: The Interview | You may have interviewed at your undergraduate institution or gone to some job interviews over the years, but chances are you've never done an interview quite like this. Your interview for an MFA program, and possibly assistantship or scholarship opportunities, is a really unique and important one... continue reading

Financial Breakdown, Part I: Expenses | Pun intended. Money is a huge consideration when deciding whether or not to go into a graduate program and subsequently which program to attend; it can be a major source of stress and anxiety. As artists we cannot (typically) count on a big payday immediately after graduating to pay back loads of student loans... continue reading

Financial Breakdown, Part II: Paying for It | Again, I just can't help myself with the puns. This is the other half of the financial equation: You now know your expenses, so how will you pay for them?... continue reading

Earning Extra Money: Student Art Sales | Student art sales are a great way to help support yourself while you're working toward your MFA. Not only will you earn some extra cash, but you'll also get your name out into your local community and better understand concepts of pricing, marketing and production... continue reading

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