I am passionate about guiding students in acquiring new techniques, strengthening concepts in their work, and strategizing future career goals. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a workshop.

While earning my MFA at Kent State, I taught the following undergraduate Jewelry/Metals courses:
Intro to Jewelry/Metals I in Spring 2012, 2013 and 2014
Jewelry Concepts and Techniques in Fall 2012
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for Jewelry in Fall 2013

Past workshops include:
Locket Workshop, full-day workshop, Florida Society of Goldsmiths, Cape Coral, FL
Maintaining an Art Practice After Graduation, lecture, Kent State University, Kent, OH
Selling Your Craft Online, full-day workshop, Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA
Etsy Workshop, full-day workshop, Kent State University, Kent, OH
Kinetic Jewelry Techniques, demo, Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Basic Jewelry Techniques, demo, Lee Arts Educators Association, Fort Myers, FL


CAD • 3D Printed Jewelry
Create an entirely 3D-printed piece of jewelry that contains at least one moving or interlocking part.

3D Printed Jewelry Lindsey James

3D Printed Jewelry Sarah Gretsinger
3D Printed Jewelry McKenzie Jones

3D Printed Jewelry Tess Bulman

CAD • Mini Series
Using a combination of 3D-printed objects and hand-fabricated settings or components, create a series of 3 to 5 rings, brooches, or small-scale sculptures.

Mini Series Lindsey James

Mini Series Zac Miller
Mini Series Sarah Gretsinger

Mini Series Kimmie Pledger

CAD • Laser Cut Project
Alter, assemble, or fabricate laser-cut materials - created from original vector drawings - to transform them into a dynamic 3-dimensional piece or series.

Laser Cut Project Lindsey James

Laser Cut Project Sarah Gretsinger
Laser Cut Project McKenzie Jones

CAD • Modeled Object
Replicate a physical object in Rhinoceros with precision and create renderings of the 3D modeled object.

Modeled Object Sarah Gretsinger
Modeled Object Lindsey James

Jewelry Concepts • Kinetic Jewelry
Fabricate a piece of jewelry incorporating a mechanism.

Kinetic Jewelry Jolynn Santiago

Kinetic Jewelry Kimmie Pledger
Kinetic Jewelry Michelle Diaco

Kinetic Jewelry Lindsey James

Jewelry Concepts • Casting Multiples
Use multiple castings to create a piece or series emphasizing repetition or metamorphosis.

Casting Multiples Jolynn Santiago

Casting Multiples Lindsey James
Casting Multiples Michelle Diaco

Jewelry Concepts • Stone Setting
Bezel, tube, and prong stone setting samples.

Prong Settings

Bezel Settings
Tube Settings

Intro to Jewelry/Metals • Hollow Form Rings
Fabricate a pair of hollow form rings.

Hollow Rings Carl Belfiore

Hollow Rings - Hailey Dziak

Hollow Rings Andrea Lombardo

Hollow Rings Margalit Schindler
Hollow Rings Sheilagh Conley

Hollow Rings Lindsey James

Hollow Rings Yinjie Sun

Hollow Rings Kelsey Damron

Intro to Jewelry/Metals • Medallions
Use cold connections and chain-making techniques to create a concept-based medallion.

Medallion Duncan MacKinnon

Medallion Shannon Hogarth

Medallion Carl Belfiore
Medallion Kieran Bindus

Medallion Tess Bulman

Medallion Lindsey James