An exploration of color, pattern, texture, and the incorporation of embroidery into wearable jewerly.

Hoop necklace by Jessica Todd

Hoop necklace by Jessica ToddHoop, sterling silver, cotton thread, acrylic sheet, 2¼" x 1¾" x ½", 2010

Modernisme brooch by Jessica ToddModernisme: Celebrating the Decorative Arts, copper, cotton thread, resin, nickel silver, 2½" x 3¾" x ½", 2010

X-Stitch ring by Jessica ToddX-Stitch, sterling silver, cotton thread, acrylic sheet, 1¼" x 1¼" x 1", 2010

Landscapes rings by Jessica ToddLandscapes rings, sterling silver, copper, garnets and peridot, ⅞" to 1" face, 2011

Pillow pendant by Jessica ToddPillow pendant, sterling silver, Thai sapphire, ¾" x 1¾", 2010

Pillow pendants by Jessica ToddCommissioned Pillow pendants, sterling silver, brass, copper, ruby, peridot, ¾" x 1¾", 2011

Traces Gulf Reliquaries brooches by Jessica ToddTraces

A Lineage book by Jessica ToddA Lineage

Perilous Home performed Jessica ToddPerformed Houses

Suburban Growth Series Jessica ToddSuburban Growth Series

Family Trees Attachment to Place brooch by Jessica ToddFamily Trees

Reclaiming the Souvenir Modern Woman ring by Jessica ToddReclaiming the Souvenir

Little Boxes Lipscomb locket by Jessica ToddLittle Boxes

Cul-de-Sac sculpture Jessica ToddInvestigations of Suburbia

Embroidery and Etching Modernisme brooch by Jessica ToddEmbroidery & Etching